In House with Stunning Lure

Gather around the house, friends, family, and people we truly trust.
With this new project name, we aim to start a deeper, long-term project with people we trust.
As the name conveys, it began from our deep wish to working and
keeping a sustainable relationship with the brands we love.
Only by working jointly with great professionals in the field, we can reach new ideas,
learn new perspectives, and help to create joint artistic "works" together.


...and more

Going stronger
after 20th Anniversary

We are very excited to introduce this new Line by STUNNING LURE.
This Line will specialize in creating a new clothing style by combining simple items
always paired up with a playful and feminine touch.


In House with Stunning Lure 家に集まる、仲間というような、信頼している関係性。このプロジェクト名を掲げ、心から信頼する方々と、より深い長期的なプロジェクトとして、スタートします。特別な方々と一緒に取り組むことで、新しく生まれるモノや学び。私達だけでは生み出す事の出来ない特別な作品を、新しいラインとして発表していきます。STUNNING LUREのシンプルで遊びの効いた女性らしいアイテムと合わさっていく事で生まれる、また新しいスタイルを想像し、私たち自身もとてもワクワクしています。

01.KURO iro

世界最高峰と言われる日本生産のデニムの技術を追求したmade in JAPANを掲げるKURO denimと、色に拘り、自分たちらしい女性像を描く、スタニングルアーとの新プロジェクト。"In House with Stunning Lure"からの第一弾として、KURO denim NEWライン、"KURO iro"(クロイロ)。それぞれのイロ(個性)、色(カラー)、色気(女性らしさ)を軸に、KURO denimのもつ技術と何よりも人としてモノに向き合う誠実さに敬意をもち、今季より毎シーズン新作を発表します。今回のテーマは”クロス”。クロスすることで生まれる立体的な美しいフォルムを体感してみてください。

The First Line from "In house with Stunning Lure" introduces our project with the brand KURO denim. This brand is worldly known for pursuing the highest technology of Japan made denim. This denim new line called "KURO iro" will draw a unique female image focusing on each of the 3 Iro:  Individuality, color and femininity. Our love and respect for the professionalism of the brand, made it possible to have a chance to work jointly with the designer, and we will be able to announce new works every season. The theme this season is "Cross". We welcome you to experience the beautiful three-dimensional cross form created by this project.

Direction: Yusuke Yatsuhashi
Start: 2022 March ~



AKIRANAKA and STUNNING LURE join forces to propose a new form of elegance under the theme of "Colorful New everyday Life" The cutting and handwork that form the core of AKIRANAKA's character are layered with STUNNING LURE's flexible and realistic image of women to create a collection that proposes a variety of uplifting ideas for everyday life.Waltz is a brand name born from the desire to synchronize and create the aesthetic senses of AKIRANAKA and STUNNING LURE like a waltz, and at the same time, it also encompasses the hope that the people who wear it will be inspired.
Through WALTZ, we hope that many people will find beautiful colors in their daily lives.

Direction: Akira Naka
Start: 2022 August ~

03.Chroma Swash

幻想的で詩的なライフスタイルブランドSWASH LONDONとの協業プロジェクト"Chroma Swash"がこの秋より始動します。その繊細なアートワークへ、STUNNING LUREが提案する鮮明なカラーをコラージュすることで、本来の SWASH LONDON が持つ色から、いくつにでも広がる自由な様を"CHROMA"と表現します。“アートとミリタリーの融合”を商品コンセプトに、ミリタリーという強さに、繊細な描写が融合されることで生まれる新しい感性や多様性をお楽しみ下さい。

We are happy to introduce the launch of the brand "Chroma" this Autumn. Chroma is a joint project with the fantastic and poetic lifestyle brand SWASH LONDON. By collaging the vivid colours proposed by STUNNING LURE onto the delicate SWASH LONDON artwork, the project will be able to create a unique and never before seen style. CHROMA expresses the freedom to expand from the colours of the original SWASH LONDON artwork onto any infinity of colours. The concept for this project this season is "a fusion of art and military". We are sure you will be able to enjoy the fusion of the strength that comes from the military world and the delicate touch of color that will bring you into a new world of artistic diversity.

Designer: Sarah Swash & Toshio Yamanaka
Start: 2022 September ~